Covid-19 Rescue Package for Parents

These are extraordinary times … 

as the world responds to the coronavirus pandemic more and more people are feeling anxious, fearful or unsure about what is to come.


Program Overview and Benefits

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Are you trying to juggle the demands of work, caring for young children or home-schooling? With no end insight, no wonder parents and children are confused, anxious and worried about the future.

As a parent, you might not be coping with all the stress and what about your children?

Are your children acting out? Seeming a little more anxious or stressed? Struggling with online home-schooling?

As a parent you want to do everything you can to help your children be safe and feel safe – but perhaps you’re unsure how to help.

Know you’re not alone.


10 Modules


Make a difference to your family

Practical strategies researched by  Dr Rosina McAlpine to help you with your parenting challenges during this difficult time.

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Common struggles of working parents

We’ve done our research and know that parents are struggling with many challenges including:

  • Being overwhelmed and exhausted juggling all the demands of work and family.
  • Finding it almost impossible to work while caring for young children or home-schooling.
  • Feeling guilty for using technology as a babysitter and not being able to spend quality time with the children even though you’re at home together.
  • Children acting out, feeling anxious and confused. Fighting amongst siblings.
  • Parenting guilt for being impatient or yelling at the children.
  • Not being able to keep kids off technology and sick of fights to get off screen time.
  • Kids and adults going “stir-crazy” being at home and not seeing friends and family.
  • And the list goes on….

This online program was developed based on extensive survey data from working parents just like you who are struggling to manage common day-to-day challenges of being in self-isolation with the children.

In partnership with Benestar we surveyed 857 parents who were working in 133 organisations including small, medium and large corporations and government departments to determine the specific programs working parents need to overcome their daily challenges and better manage their current work-family environment.

In response to the survey question “What programs would support you to better manage your new work-home life?” We received responses from 637 parents (average of 74% response rate). This resulted in 5392 responses in total, revealing the following Top 10 programs as being the most requested.

Online Support for Parents

Over 3 hours of Video, Downloadable Audio and Handout to help with your parenting challenges. Access anytime for 4 months.

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Online program overview

Hello, it is nice to meet you. I’m Dr Rosina McAlpine (BCom, MCom (hons), MHEd, PhD), CEO of Win Win Parenting and I’ve been supporting families for over a decade. As a parenting expert, I’ve developed this COVID-19 specific comprehensive online program to help inspire you with confidence and to provide you with practical strategies to make your work-family life easier.

This 10-module program was developed based on the top ten programs parents like you requested in the survey data. Perhaps these are the same challenges you’re experiencing and the same help you’re looking for:

  1. Self-care for physical and mental wellbeing
  2. Flexible routines: getting things done as a family
  3. Win Win Parenting: S.E.E. a positive way to parent.
  4. Helping children manage their emotions for a more peaceful home
  5. Nurturing positivity and resilience
  6. Managing screen time at home
  7. Family communication: harmful versus nurturing approaches
  8. Nurturing healthy self-esteem
  9. Keeping kids healthy, happy and engaged
  10. Overcoming Sibling Rivalry

This comprehensive program provides you with a range of easy to access, flexible learning resources to suit a variety of learning approaches and includes:

  • Videos (over 3 hours)
  • Podcasts (over 3 hours) and
  • Articles with links to additional resources

Each module in this program is filled with practical strategies and resources to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of parents and children. With on demand access, you’ll have the support you need to be able to manage the challenges of calming heightened emotions, inspire positivity in family life, limit excessive screen time, communicate effectively and to develop flexible routines to get things done!

Making the most of the information, strategies and resources in this comprehensive online program will help you be the best you can be at this challenging time so that you can be there for your children and still be productive in your work while in self-isolation.

Cost-effective program

We understand that cost is an important consideration for families in this challenging environment. That is why we are keeping costs to a minimum and providing our program for $39.95.  You’ll have on-demand access online or via the App which will be available for a period of 4 months - to see you through this self-isolation period. That is parenting support on a range of stressful areas for less than $10 per month.

The videos and audios are content rich and run for between 15-20 minutes. The sessions have been specifically designed for time-poor and stressed parents, to be simple and practical with printable summary handouts to have on hand as needed.

There are even a few surprises throughout the program in the “chuckle time” sections offering some light-hearted relief - after all, we all know laughter is the best medicine in stressful times!


10 Modules - Video - Audio - Handouts - Further Resources


What parents say

"This is the best information I needed so badly. I work from home and have a teenager and 10-year-old. It is so difficult. Yes, it was very, very helpful. Thank you so much for the information." - Optus Employee

"Thank you! It has been great to hear that I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed, and that there are strategies to help cope during this time." - TAFE Employee

"This is the best information I needed so badly. I work from home and have a teenager and 10-year-old. It is so difficult. Yes, it was very, very helpful. Thank you so much for the information." - One Door Mental Health Employee

Brief outlines for each of the topic areas are provided below

Topic 1 Self-care for physical and mental wellbeing

Are you tired and overwhelmed with the many new demands on you to work remotely while home-schooling and caring for your family? Are you finding there’s no time for self-care and if you do stop for just a minute – you feel guilty? This module provides you with practical strategies to support your physical and mental wellbeing with short self-care activities you can complete on your own or with your children. You’ll explore how to let go of self-care guilt so you can take time to rest, rejuvenate and resource yourself. When you take care of yourself, you’ll be in the best position to care for you family and be more focussed and productive when completing your work as well.

Topic 2 Flexible routines: getting things done as a family

Are you struggling to find new routines and work-day schedules to so you can structure productive workdays from home? Are you confused about how to fit the home-schooling, work and family care into each day? This module provides you with step-by-step strategies to assess what is working and what is not working and make positive changes to your daily activities to better manage in the "new normal". Ideas, information and tools enable you to revise and create new daily schedules and routines and to be creative when it comes to making functional workspaces for study, work and play at home. It’s simply about structuring family life so that everyone - parents and children - can get things done!

Topic 3 Win Win Parenting: S.E.E. a positive way to parent.

Are you doing a little more yelling and arguing with the kids than you’d like? Well you’re not alone. With employees trying to work from home while children are home rather than attending day-care, pre-school or school, parents and children are spending a great deal more time together resulting in increased parenting issues.  Do you need practical support to help you manage the day-to-day parenting challenges? In this module parenting expert, Dr Rosina McAlpine will share with you, the simple and effective 3-step Win Win Parenting approach. You’ll be armed with practical strategies to overcome common challenges with children aged toddler to teenager. Learning this positive parenting approach provides you with information and tools to help your children to be more cooperative and learn life skills. When you feel more confident and competent in your parenting approach, it reduces parental guilt, the stress of parenting and leaves you with more time and energy to focus on yourself, your work and your family.

Topic 4 Helping children manage their emotions for a more peaceful home

Families have been in self-isolation for an extended period of time and this has resulted in heightened emotions for both parents and children. Is family life tense in your home and is there more fighting at the moment? Are your kids fighting with each other, complaining “I’m bored!”  and demanding your attention 24/7 when you’re trying to get work done? This can result in highly explosive exchanges between parents and children.  This module provides you with the knowledge and strategies to help your children develop emotional intelligence. It includes soothing techniques to help your children regulate their emotions and tips on how to help children develop listening skills and to extend empathy and support to their parents and siblings. These skills help family members to nurture better relationships and create more peace at home.  

Topic 5 Nurturing positivity and resilience

Are the new parenting and work challenges having a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing? Managing challenging issues day-in and day-out with no end in sight is extremely stressful and makes it difficult for parents to keep their thoughts off the difficult situation they’re currently facing and to focus on taking care of family and work commitments.  This module provides you with ideas for daily practices to help you focus on the positive aspects of life and to develop resilience to get you through this time of great change. More positivity at home supports greater family mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re home-schooling and working from home, you’ll find these strategies to help you be positive, stay motivated and be successful.

Topic 6 Managing screen time at home

Are your children being home-schooled online? Are they spending many hours on screens and demanding even more screen time to overcome “boredom”? Are you worried that your children are becoming addicted to technology and can’t amuse themselves without technology? In self-isolation it is even more difficult for parents to keep their children’s screen time within safe limits. This module provides you with practical strategies to make screen time more manageable at home. You’ll have information, resources and strategies and you need to help your children understand the many dangers of excessive and inappropriate screen time, to learn the recommended government guidelines and to realise the importance of self-regulation to reduce screen time arguments. 

Topic 7 Family communication: harmful versus nurturing approaches

Caring and effective communication is the foundation for living a happy and successful family life. With families spending more time together, positive and effective communication is more important than ever. Perhaps you’re finding your communication isn’t working and your resorting to more yelling, discipline and punishment to get the kids to listen and cooperate and that’s causing tension and parenting guilt. This module discusses how you can avoid harmful communication approaches and instead use strategies for positive ways to communicate so your children listen and understand what needs to be done.  You’ll learn effective communication approaches to minimise misunderstandings as well as practical ways to overcome conflict with your children and resolve disagreements with your partner.

Topic 8 Nurturing healthy self-esteem

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of your family in this time of uncertainty and change? In particular, are you worried that being away from pre-school, school and friends may be harming your child's confidence and self-esteem? This module supports parents to understand why nurturing self-esteem is so important and how it supports your child's wellbeing and life success. You’ll also learn what harms self-esteem and discover many practical strategies to support your children to develop healthy self-esteem. An added bonus is that this module provides you with the tools to reflect on how this situation is impacting your own self-esteem knowing that good self-esteem, confidence and resilience are foundations for success both in your personal and professional life.

Topic 9 Keeping kids healthy, happy and engaged

It’s unclear when we’ll be able to return to the rhythm of our previous daily lives where children attend school and participate in school sports, weekend team sports, and adults can return to work and usual exercise routines. So, finding a new balanced lifestyle is key to taking care of the physical wellbeing of the whole family while in self-isolation. Many parents are finding screen time helpful for keeping very young children entertained and for home-schooling older children. This means that children are exercising less and eating more out of boredom –which are harmful to good health. This module provides information and practical strategies to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in our new environment of self-isolation. There are also resources and ideas on how to keep your children engaged and happy both with, and without the use of technology.

Topic 10 Overcoming Sibling Rivalry

Are your children acting out and arguing with each other? Is there constant teasing, fighting and just being unkind? Many parents are finding that their children are going a little “stir crazy” in self-isolation resulting in more fighting among siblings. Children arguing and hurting each other is heart-breaking for parents and causes frustration and anger as it becomes even more difficult for parents to get home-schooling activities completed and their own work done in a “combat zone”! In this module you’ll learn practical strategies to have more peace at home by reducing sibling rivalry. There are many practical strategies and resources to help children develop the skills to get along with each other and with you! When siblings are more loving and caring with each other you’ll have a happier and more peaceful home.

Supporting Working Parents

If you are finding the current situation stressful. Working from home , occupying kids, little time for yourself. Then an investment in this program is well worth it.

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